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Our Portfolio

Targeting Strategic Sectors for Development




Ngali Energy (wholly owned by Ngali Holdings) specializes in renewable energy, focusing on the operation and development of power plants. The company is active in East Africa and beyond




The Ngali Mining Company, wholly owned by Ngali Holdings is interested in exploration, mining, processing and trading of these minerals to tap into the market to the benefit of the Rwandan people. Ngali Mining seeks to be the leader in exploration, production and the transformation of natural resources in Rwanda and the region by providing high quality service through the use of advanced technology.



The Mediheal Diagnostic and Fertility Center based in Kigali, is a partnership between Ngali Holdings and the Mediheal Group of Hospitals in Kenya. The objective of Mediheal is to provide world-class health care services in Rwanda.




Locus Dynamics is a systems engineering and integration company with a specific focus in areas of Aerospace & Robotics, Information Technology and Homeland Security.


East Africa


EAX,a company with in which Ngali Holdings co-invested, aims to create better access to agricultural and financial markets for smallholder farmers. This will enable them to sell products at a fair and competitive price giving them access to financing opportunities


Decentralized Fees


The DFC project is a partnership between Ngali Holdings and the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) who have commissioned Ngali to be the sole collector of fees owed to the various districts of Rwanda. This partnership was undertaken to ensure one centralized system of fees collection that would ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Fees are required of all private and big businesses that run in the various districts, the amount due is set by the district office itself. Ngali Holdings mandate is one to ensure adequate collection of fees but also to assist the various districts to in the near future be self-dependent and sustaining and have the ability to fund district level projects with internal funds and not that coming from the Rwandan treasury


LuNa Smelter

LuNa Smelter’s aim is to introduce eco-friendly business measures which are not harmful for a society and nature and, at the same time, can satisfy industrial needs. In our business approach, we believe that success is defined by the combination of cutting-edge ideas and the abundance of resources potential.




Trinity Metals is a responsible producer of tin, tungsten and tantalum. We employ eco-conscious and ethical practices in every area of our business operations.

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