Sustaining the growth of a Nation

Ngali Holdings is a proudly Rwandan company investing in a wide range of industries across the continent of Africa. We are driven by the desire to see African markets grow and specialize in long-term, wide-scale infrastructure projects with a holistic focus. It is an exciting time to be a part of the continent’s private sector development, and we are privileged to have the endorsement of several key global leaders and African governments; in particular, the Government of Rwanda.

Our Initiatives

We aim to have a lasting impact on economic growth and have implemented initiatives that uplift, grow and sustain


Challenges with skills shortages still remains an obstacle to investment within in Rwanda. In order to increase skills within Ngali Holdings, we endeavor to understand what skill sets it is that we require most urgently and subsequently ensure that we provide existing staff with training to enhance their skills.


At Ngali we have linked our vision and mission closely to the successful reform agenda of President Kagame, this formula of civil engagement, self-reliance and building international partnerships have become the backbone of Rwanda’s growth. As Ngali Holdings we are dedicated to aligning our initiatives to this agenda.
Civil engagement
International partnership


Building the future generation of investors in Rwanda is important therefore Ngali Holdings does an annual financial advisory training event for 20 university graduates. Through a decentralized Fees Collection project, we have also assisted the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) with increasing Revenue collections and goals attainment, in addition creation of up to 1,000 jobs for Rwandan citizens. Also in an effort to support the Government’s EDPRS II of 70% country wide power connection by 2018, the Ngali Energy launched the construction of Ntaruka A Hydropower Dam in Nyaruguru district. This initiative created 1,000 jobs for the people of the region and also equipped them with training regarding road construction.

Our Subsidiaries