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Senior Accountant


A skilled Senior Accountant with a proven record in overseeing the preparation of financial statements and reports. Her expertise lies in managing the complexities of revenue and expenses, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency with a keen eye for detail in budget execution, aligning financial strategies with organizational goals.

Her commitment is to deliver precise financial insights that empower informed decision-making within the dynamic landscape of financial management.

Five years serving as Project Accountant, ensuring effecting financial management of sales revenues, coordinating finance related activities such as managing bank and cash activities; performing all tax declaration; assisting in preparation of company budget and monitoring budgetary approval for requisition.

As a former Project Accountant and current Senior Accountant, her expertise lies in managing financial aspects of DFC and other Projects with a specific focus on tax-related initiatives.

She is well-versed in maintaining financial compliance within tax regulations and have a proven ability to optimize project budget for tax efficiency.
Her specialties include accurate financial reporting, forecasting, and budget management.
She is adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to align financial strategies with projects goals.
Notable achievements include successfully overseeing payments and reconciliations from project shareholders.

She holds a Master’s Degree (MBA) in Finance from Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA).

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