It is our aim to improve the performance of our energy portfolio, with an aim to garner a 30% market share within the Rwandan energy production sector. As such our focus is on:
– Energy systems
– Industry policy and regulation
– Waste management and
– Recycling


Situated along a belt of volcanoes, the process of volcanism and plate convergence has resulted in the formation of minerals in Rwanda. Our mining initiatives are aimed at exploring the sectors of mining, processing and trading with minerals that are found in the country.

2. ICT

In order for us to be a part of improving access to modern technology, we are focused on bridging the ICT gap in Rwanda by building an integrated digital platform that provides government services. Our focus is on:
– Communication networks
– IT security
– System engineering and integration
– E-governance platform


Within the transport sector our interests are focused on:
– Aerospace
– Railways
– Canals, ports, and harbors


Ngali Holdings seeks to improve the existing commodity exchange system and create a comprehensive financial services platform that will serve as a catalyst for the agricultural potential the country has. This will help us achieve food security and maximize the earning potential of farmers. Our focus is specifically on:
– Agro-processing
– Agricultural mechanization
– Commodity exchange


Within the health sector our interests are focused on:
– Healthcare
– Pharmaceuticals

For more information contact Aline Mukeshimana, Group Head,Corporate Services Ngali Holdings Ltd.