Mr. Muvara Emmanuel is the Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary for Ngali Holdings & Subsidiaries Muvara Emmanuel is a seasoned and well-experienced corporate and commercial lawyer, which was attained through experience and education. In performing work for various companies, Muvara Emmanuel has gained extensive experience in corporate affairs particularly board matters. He has 12 […]

    Emmanuel Muvara

    Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer at Ngali Holdings, leading the entire vision and strategy for the company and all its majority owned subsidiaries.
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      Chief Executive Officer, Ngali Holdings
      Ntare is the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the daily operation of the company and its entire majority owned subsidiaries.
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        Chief Operations Officer
        Diane is the Director of Corporate Services at Ngali Holdings. As a member of executive management she promotes and establishes efficiency and efficacy within the company.
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          Director of Corporate Services, Ngali Holdings