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Group Head, Corporate Services

Nadine UWERA

The Group Head, Corporate Services in charge of overseeing the organization of the corporate office, development and maintenance of the company business practices, policies, procedures, personnel files and associated functions of each. She is an advocate for the company and works closely with members of the executive staff to achieve and maintain the excellence standards set forth by the company. In addition, she also supports the line functions across all Ngali Holdings Subsidiaries.

Working in the different subsidiaries of Ngali Holdings includes (Ngali Mining Ltd and Ngali Energy Ltd) among the various departments not limit to, Customer services and administration, logistics Management and procurement management, has built a great experience by understanding how supporting team can work to insure company goals and objectives are being archived to maintain the excellence standards set forth by the company.

She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration, specialized in Project Management from University of Rwanda (UR)

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