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Chairman, Ngali Holdings Board

He is currently an independent Consultant and Researcher (African Economic Research Consortium);

He served as Advisor to the Chief Economist of the National Bank of Rwanda in the management and supervision of the Directorate of Monetary Policy and Research. Retired in June 2011 from BNR;

In 2009, he was Manager of the “Financial Stability Unit” in the National Bank of Rwanda; in charge of the monitoring and assessment of the soundness of the banking system;

He served as Director of the Research Department at the National Bank of Rwanda for 10 years (1999-2009). In the same period, he performed as a member of the Committee for Monetary and Exchange Policy (CMEP), Chairman of the Technical Committee for Monetary Analysis (TCMA) in charge of forecasting the banking system’s liquidity, Vice-Chairman of the Treasury Management Committee (TMC) made up of senior officials from the Ministry of finance and the Central bank;

He was Director of Finance and Administration in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock from 1997-1999;

He served as Director General in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from 1995-1997;

He was Director of Planning in the Ministry of Economic Planning in 1995;

He worked in several senior positions in DRC prior to holding senior positions in Rwanda;

He holds a Master’s degree in Economics (M.Sc), University of Montreal, Canada.

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