Decentralized Fees Collection project

The DFC project is a partnership between Ngali Holdings and the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) who have commissioned Ngali to be the sole collector of fees owed to the various districts of Rwanda. This partnership was undertaken to ensure one centralized system of fees collection that would ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Fees are required of all private and big businesses that run in the various districts, the amount due is set by the district office itself. Ngali Holdings mandate is one to ensure adequate collection of fees but also to assist the various districts to in the near future be self-dependent and sustaining and have the ability to fund district level projects with internal funds and not that coming from the Rwandan treasury..

Ntare is the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the daily operation of the company and its entire majority owned subsidiaries. Prior to joining the Ngali team, Ntare worked as the Director General to EWSA which is the multi-sector state-owned utilities company in Rwanda in charge of supplying electricity, water and sanitation services. He has an extensive knowledge in energy and ICT due to the fact that he worked in different great companies specializing in both. He sits on the board of the National ID agency, and is Managing Director of HOBUKA ltd. where he led a Software Development Team that builds applications, content for SMEs, alongside Oracle, MCP and Websphere, he also holds a Bachelor of Science specialized in Industrial Engineering at the University at Buffalo, the State University at New York, United States.