Chief Executive Officer, Ngali Holdings

Dr. Ivan is a PhD holder in Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis from the University of Science and Technology in Lille/France and has 2 Master’s Degrees, one in Physico-Chemistry and another one in Pharmacy (drug design).

Dr. Ivan joined Ngali with a vast experience in Business Strategy and Corporate Governance. Before joining, Dr. Ivan was the Executive Director of a private holding company involved in cement, energy and tea, Rwanda Investment Group Ltd. In the last 10 years he has managed major companies in private sector as follows; Managing Director of Ngali Institute which is nowLocus Dynamics (a local projects incubator, research and engineering company), CEO of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG); Managing Director of Rwanda Energy Company (REC, methane gas extraction in Lake Kivu), Managing Director of Peat Energy Company (PEC, peat harvesting and transformation into energy). He is a senior consultant with a high expertise in energy and industrial projects management.

In addition to managing energy projects and companies, Dr. Ivan is the Councilor at National Council of Science and Technology, Chairman of Energy Sector Skills Council, Non Executive Director of CIMERWA (cement business), Non-Executive Director of ECOBANK, Rwanda (Chairman of Assets/Liabilities board committee). In the last 10 years, he has served on the boards of Directors of Societe Petroliere (SP), Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT), Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL), Trust Industries and Ngororero Mining Company (NMC). Dr. Ivan is involved in Rwanda Private Sector Federation as the Chairman of Rwanda Energy Private Developers (REPD) and between 2012-2014 he served as the Chairman of the Chamber of Industry.