As the current CEO of Ngali Holdings, Diane is assigned to see to it that all company business and investment strategies remain advanced, up to date, and ultimately in a leading position in the marketplace while simultaneously achieving the company’s mission and vision.

Diane brings to the Ngali team a reliable and efficient bank of knowledge in corporate governance. Before her appointment as CEO, she was previously focused on ensuring effective corporate governance principles and making certain that these would be Ngali Holdings and Subsidiaries’ strongest pillars.

In her role as Director of Corporate Services, Diane strategically provided oversight of the group’s operations. She was in charge of Investor liaison, which entailed communicating relevant information to existing and potential investors and cultivation of personal, yet corporate relationships to guide an efficient transition into the Rwandan and sub-Saharan marketplace. She was able to uphold the development and maintenance of the company business practices, policies and procedures.

Preceding to joining Ngali Holdings, she made various contributions in managing corporate accounts and ensuring departmental efficiency at former Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda (BCR) and current I&M Bank. Through all the above mentioned experiences, she was able to muster substantial skills in Human Resources and Corporate management.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and a BSc in Business Administration both from Kennesaw State University, United States.

Currently, Ms. Mugisha serves on the board of Mediheal Diagnostics and Fertility Centre, Locus Dynamics Ltd, East African Exchange (EAX), Luna Smelter and OKO Africa. Previously, she served on the boards of Ngali Holdings’ subsidiaries; Ngali Energy and Rwanda Online Platform Ltd.

Her leadership is far-reaching and stretches into sports as in when she was captain of her varsity basketball team back in her college days. She is a lover of the courts and is up for some hoops whenever she has a chance. Diane remains an active mentor to young Rwandan ladies.